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Moscow tests top-up activation at metro turnstiles

The Department of Transport of Moscow has announced the imminent launch of a new feature that will simplify the process of topping up the Troika card right at the turnstiles of public transport.

Passengers of the Moscow Metro will soon be able to activate Troika top-up at the turnstiles themselves, there will be no need to look for yellow terminals, reports the Department of Transport.

Active testing of the innovation is already underway with the participation of passengers, and so far more than 30 thousand activations have been successfully carried out on 1100 turnstiles of the metro and the Moscow Central Circle (MCC).

Soon passengers will be able to top up their card balance online and then activate it when passing through the turnstile - no more wasting time at yellow terminals. The same feature operates on validators of ground transport, - said Maksim Liksutov, the Deputy Mayor of Moscow for transport.

The new function will simplify the process of topping up transport cards - now, to activate the top-up, passengers need to touch the card to a special yellow terminal located in the metro lobby. In addition, today it is possible to record a remote card top-up via NFC-enabled Android phones in the Metro Moscow app, which makes the process of managing finances in the transport payment system even more convenient and accessible.

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