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The Government of Moscow continues to expand the implementation of domestic digital technologies in urban transport. Now passengers will be able to pay using biometrics on all lines of Aeroexpress – airport rail link of the city.

Two turnstiles in the Aeroexpress terminals at Domodedovo and Vnukovo airports are connected to the system. Earlier this method of payment has already appeared in Sheremetyevo airport.

SUE Mosgortrans started the test of the GAZelle e-City electric minibus. According to Maksim Liksutov, the electric bus accommodates 16 passengers, 13 of them seats. The tests of the electric minibus will last until the end of February 2024.

В Москве начались тестовые испытания  отечественных электробусов малого класса. Эта модель подходит для маршрутов с низким пассажиропотоком и может проезжать по узким улицам, где не пройдет большой электробус или автобус. Испытания новинки продлятся до конца февраля 2024 года.

Such minibuses are perfect for narrow roads and small passenger traffic. Electric minibuses are equipped with terminals for contactless fare payment and USB ports for gadgets recharging. They are designed for 16 passengers. The battery charge is enough for 150 kilometres ride. Besides, minibuses have a low floor system and storage platform to transport passengers with disabilities and wheelchairs or prams.

The Southern River Terminal is the second river terminal of Moscow that has been restored and opened to welcome passengers.

Теперь оба речных вокзала: Северный, который заработал в 2020 году, и Южный вновь принимают пассажиров. За 1,5 года ремонта удалось вернуть практически полностью утраченный облик здания, при этом сохранив архитектурное наследие. Южный речной вокзал — это не только транспортный узел, но и современное общественное пространство. Для гостей работает кафе, выставочное пространство Музея Транспорта Москвы, смотровая площадка с видами на Москву-реку и «Остров Мечты». За сезон здесь смогут отдохнуть до 300 тыс. посетителей.

In 2021, Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin decided to reconstruct the facility in order to return it to its original historical appearance and its main transport function, transforming it into one of the key objects of the river navigation.

The Moscow Metro declared that it has reached the record short 80-second headway on the Circle Line (Line 5) during the tests of the train operation control system.

The result became possible after the modernization of the control system on the line, which took place in early 2023. During the tests, up to 45 trains were running on both tracks, so they arrived at the stations with a minimum headway of about 80 seconds – faster than in Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Beijing subways.

In 2022, passengers of the Moscow Metro and the Moscow Central Circle (MCC) made about 32 million rides using the biometric payment service.

In addition, more than 220 thousand new users registered in the Face Pay system last year. The service is used approximately 120 thousand times every day.

This month, the Moscow Metro began to connect 330 more turnstiles to the system. Apart from the metro and the MCC, Moscow plans to launch biometrics on the surface and river transport, Aeroexpress trains (airport rail link service) and the Moscow Central Diameters (MCD). Moreover, Moscow plans to link social transport cards to biometrics, including those for students.

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